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The basic role of a notary public in our legal system and in the world of commerce is to prevent fraud. Notaries deter fraud when they perform their duties with diligence and obey the laws governing their duties. The most basic requirement for performing a notarization is that the person who is taking an oath or making an acknowledgment (the one whose signature is being notarized) must be present at the time of the notarization. The presence requirement refers to physical presence.

Duties of a Notary Public

Notaries are authorized by law to perform six basic duties.

  • Administer oaths or affirmations : An oath or affirmation is administered to a document signer when the signer is required to make a sworn statement about certain facts.

  • Take acknowledgments : An acknowledgment, the document signer must personally appear before you, the notary public, and declare that he or she has signed the document voluntarily.

  • Attest to photocopies of certain documents

  • Solemnize marriage : Florida is one of only three states which authorize notaries public to perform marriage ceremonies.

  • Verify vehicle identification numbers (VINs) : Florida law requires that, when applying for a Florida title for the first time on a used motor vehicle, the owner must sign a sworn statement that the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the odometer reading on the vehicle are correct.

  • Certify the contents of a safe-deposit box : Florida law provides that a financial institution may open a safe-deposit box if the rental fee is past due, providing that proper notice has been made and that certain other conditions are met. A notary public is authorized and required to be present for the opening of the safe-deposit box, to inventory the contents of the vault, and to make an appropriate certificate of the opening.